Education at North United Methodist Church is a priority.

Our Sunday School meets during the service with the children beginning their worship in the sanctuary with their families before moving down to their classrooms, except on communion Sundays when they begin with Sunday school and join the congregation for communion. Happily we have need of more Sunday school teachers as the numbers of children have increased recently. Let us know if this could be you!

We also have an enthusiastic Methodist Youth Fellowship group for students in grades 6-12, which meets during the service and at various times throughout the year. The focus of this group is on fellowship and outreach. They contribute periodically to the service within the church as well as providing service to the community.

Bible Study Tuesdays at Bolton UMC

We will be studying Psalms from January 31, 2017 to March 21, 2017. There will be a potluck dinner starting at 6:15 pm with the study starting at 7:00 pm

Week 1, historical, contractual, cultural — January 29

Psalms 1, 2, 22, 29

Who are the wicked?

Who are the good?

Who Conspires?

Who are the nations at this time?

Week 2, poetry, hymnody — February 7

Psalms 23, 122(alliterative), 121, 134

How are you moved when you read these Psalms?

What is transcendent in them?

Where do you find hyperbole?

Logical over rational?

Week 3, lament — Feburary 14

Individual/ particular needs — Calling out: O, God!

Psalms 3, 22(a long hard Psalm!)

Command, shared predicament.

Psalms 79, 126(restore us)

What emotions are being displayed?

Has God caused or allowed their suffering?

When one suffers(or community) where do you turn?

Week 4, praise — Feburary 21

Psalms 138, 149, 8 , 65