Some NUMC work for Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity

The following are some of the homes the volunteers from North United Methodist Church in Manchester, CT (NUMC) have worked on from start to finish.

Vernon, CT
vernon house

This home was completely sponsored by NUMC and volunteers from the church worked on the house one Saturday a month from approximately October to June. Other volunteers worked on alternating Saturdays. We started framing this house in October and put the roof on in January and February (brrrrrrrrrrrr).

The homeowner of this house, Kathy, is a single mother of three with a handicapped mother who lives with her (note the handicap ramp also donated by NUMC).

Manchester, CT
Wayne's house

We affectionately refer to this house as Wayne's house. This is another home that was heavily sponsored by NUMC. The money for this home was raised in memory of a church member (Wayne Falk) who spent many, many hours working on Habitat homes. Wayne had a brain tumor and died several years ago. His wife pulled together a campaign to raise money to build Wayne's House. Volunteers from NUMC spent many hours helping to complete this home.

The homeowner of this house is a wonderful lady named Ana. She was a single mother of two when she first moved into the house. I ran into her at a recent Habitat function and found out that she recently got married and is going back to college to complete her education.

Manchester, CT
next to Wayne's house

This home is next door to Wayne's house and was built at the same time. As volunteers we worked on both homes.

The homeowners of this house, Dan and his wife, are a couple with 3 children who would not have been able to afford a home of their own if it was not for the Habitat organization.

East Hartford, CT
East Hartford sign

This is our latest project. Note that the sign states "Our 124th house ..."

East Hartford house

This house is scheduled to be dedicated on April 27th, 2006. As you can see in this picture they are in the process of hooking up the city utilities.